Running Around

Haven’t posted anything in a while and I thought it’s about that time. I have been all over the east coast the past week. It makes time fly and things like blogging are left behind.

I have been thinking that I need to have a purpose for this blog. Right now it is random quick observations. I think I want to make a better effort in writing something that is relevant and researched. This will make my blogs less frequent but better for the reader. Let’s see how it works out. I have an idea for the next post…. I’ll try to have something worth reading by Wednesday.


JK Livin’

  • Ricky Butler

    Fuck that dude – give us random observations, not some scientific research paper…we want to know about Sarasota boats and hoes!! More random stuff – this is the future of business cards!

  • Janis Krums

    Point taken… I will have both, random stuff and every now and then some in depth writing. Thanks for the comment!