5 Goals for 2009

These are five goals that I would like to focus on this year. You could call it my New Years Resolutions, but I won't.

  1. Sailing
    • I have always wanted to sail. The last 5 years I have living in, land locked places that would not have allowed me to get any real practice. As of now, I will be spending more of my time in Sarasota/Tampa Bay area. This should give me the chance to get some lessons and see if I really want to sail.
  2. 500k in sales
    • I think this is a very real goal. We should be able to do this by the 7th or 8th month. Everything is in place for us to do it. Let's see how it goes!
  3. Keep my weight between 195-205
    • I am currently 217 pounds. In the next two months I want to get down to 200 lbs. After which I want to keep my weight between 195-205. I will check my weight every two weeks to see how I'm progressing. Also, let you know what is working for me and what is not.
  4. Write 100 blog posts
    • One of the reasons that I started this is blog is to improve my writing. Another was to get better at expressing my thoughts on paper. I think this has become more important with the rise of Twitter, and other such services. (More on this on a later post)
  5. Have over 1000 followers on Twitter.
    • This goal has no real purpose other that to prove that I can do it. It will make me feel better about myself. I guess it could help me with promoting whatever business I am involved with. I'll post how many followers I have with my weight updates.

These are the 5 goals that I think are the most important currently. I'm sure I will add couple of things later on.

Keep on Truckin'…,


  • http://www.awakeimages.com Paul Brown

    Well, this is really ironic, isn’t it. One of your 2009 goals is to get 1000 followers? Well, the second I saw that your pic was THE pic of the US Air plane, and you only had a few hundred followers, I figured your followship would explode. And well… you’re almost there, to 1000, and it’s only January 15th! haha, well done, you will be at 2,000 by the end of the year for sure!

  • http://www.thomsinger.com thom singer

    ha, I see the other guy above left the same comment I clicked here to make after reading your goals….you will clear 1000 twitter followers within the hour, as I and thousands of others found your photo of the crash on Twitter via the RT’s and other places it was picked up and then investigated who you were. I bet by the time I am done typing this comment you have over 1000 followers.
    I bet that was an amazing scene. WOW.
    Now, losing 15 lbs is going to take a bit more work.
    Good day to you

  • http://jamies-recipes.com Jamie

    I agree with Paul, after that twitpic you will reach one of your goals today!

  • http://biotic.blogspot.com Biotic

    You should be able to check off number 5 sometime in the next several minutes…948 and counting. Looking forward to a blog post on today’s adventure. Thanks for the photo…

  • http://www.wpbryant.com William Bryant

    Haha… we all found you after your picture, which even with your low number of followers (at the time) it shows the AMAZING power of Twitter. You da man!
    You’ll hit 4-5000 by the end of the year I predict.
    William Bryant

  • http://thapz.blogspot.com Puneet Thapliyal

    Yes, I am helping you with your goal. Just started following you on Twitter. Btw, great job posting the photo of the plane in the Hudson.

  • http://www.danbyron.com/blog/ Dan [djByron]

    I think you nailed the 1K follower one with your now famous Twitpic :-)

  • http://www.twitter.com/missmirandab MissMirandaB

    Looks like you reached your twitter goal :) Great job on posting the pic! Looking forward to reading your blog.

  • http://jacob.saxberg.dk Jacob Friis Saxberg

    Congratulations on goal number 5 :)

  • ocicat_bengals

    Heh. Heh. Now you are famous, eh? Great photo. I’m new to this Twittering thing.

  • http://twitter.com/missbeckala MissBeckala

    #5 accomplished! Awesome picture!!!

  • Todd VanDerwerken

    Great job today!! Two weeks into the year and you have one of your goals accomplished.

  • http://www.marketingmelodie.com Melodie

    Your TwitPic was the 1st I heard about the plane crash! This post is inspiring me to also blog about my goals so I can be clear on what I’d like to accomplish in 2009.
    You’ve completely surpassed Goal #5 and I’m confident that this publicity will also help you with goal #2.
    Thanks for the inspiration and all the best to you in 2009 and beyond.
    @MyMelodie on Twitter

  • http://www.danielmcclure.com/ Daniel McClure

    Congratulations on passing the 2000 mark 😉
    Amazing what a single picture can do hey. This really shows you never know where and when opportunity will strike and it can be in the strangest of ways. All you have to do is be prepared.

  • Donald

    Very nice site, great picture and positively decent comment! Btw are you originally Latvian as your name sound like that..? Cheers from Switzerland

  • http://www.dozi.com/lifestyleempire.com carolynn

    amazing what can happen when you write down your goals and then see what the universe provides. All the best look forward to watching you grow and to be inspired by you.

  • http://www.basbasbas.com/blog/ Bas – Serial Expat

    Nice coincidence. I wouldn’t go as far as carolynn who claims that the universe is providing this, as there are hundreds or thousands of people on Twitter wanting to get a 1000 followers and a lot of them never do.
    But, it’s sure ironic that you reached your goal so fast… Double… soon triple. Maybe more? :)
    Utilize the momentum!

  • http://www.twitter.com/fayza Fayza

    Looks like you met Goal #5! Did you have a TwitPic goal, too? I think you exceeded that as well 😉

  • http://www.bransblahg.wordpress.com Brandy

    HA! This is hilarious! Whew knew that when you wrote these goals something like this was in your future?! Absolutely amazing! True testament to the concept of 6 degrees of seperation…. shows the power of the internet as well!

  • Aig

    Goal #5! I guess it’s accomplished! Or you meant 10’000 :)