Twitter: 140 Characters or Less

What can you say in 140 characters or less? Can you be effective with less words? These are the questions that you have to answer when using Twitter. There is no room for wordiness. You need to be on point with your message as quickly as possible.

I think that Twitter is a blessing. Many writers tend to over use words that are not necessary. They feel if they use big words they will look smarter. In most cases their writing is a mess and they don't look like the geniuses that they think they are.

With Twitter, you are set in a very limited space for your content. You use it to promote a blog, or some other type of business. Twitter makes you decide what are the most important aspects of your post.

  • As an exercise, write your Twit before you write your blog. This will make you concentrate on the major points of the blog.

These are my two cents on Twitter. Let me know what you think about the effects of Twitter. Or other similar services.

Below are links to sites that make my Twitter experience better.

Services That I Use:

To see the top users in geographic areas go to Twitter Grader   You can also see the top over all users and how you stack up against them.

To create surveys as well as automatically post them onto Facebook and Twitter go here: SocialToo  You can also set up a direct message to anyone that starts to follow you.

To put pictures up without using paid service go to Posterous.

To quickly post an article use Adjix Also, you can have Adjix post at a later time. Great if you have many good stories but don't want to post them at the same time. 

BrightKit does the same thing as Adjix, but in a better user interface. Try both, see which you like. I use both, Adjix for spontaneous articles, BrightKit for planning out posts.

This service checks your blog every day and posts new entries onto your twitter account: TwitterFeed

Two good posts by Guy Kawasaki:

Media on Twitter

How to Use Twitter

When I'm on the go I use Twittelator Pro, IMHO the best mobile Twitter application. 

Everyday a new application for Twitter shows up. If there are any applications that I should know about please comment or send me an email or find me on twitter @jkrums.



  • Bernhard Benke

    »I’m on the ferry« was spot on!

  • Virginia

    Twitter certainly served you well in this instance. Great first picture!

  • Ant

    Instant Twitterlebrity.

  • Joe Moreno

    Thanks for writing about our service, Adjix; it’s greatly appreciated. Also, fantastic job tweeting the photo about the plane crash.
    Adjix2Twitter works on the iPhone, too (with or without shrinking a link). If, for example, you upload a photo to Twitpic, you can click on the Adjix2Twitter link in Safari on the iPhone and tweet right from there and then log into Adjix to check your link click stats.
    Joe Moreno

  • Harold

    Looks like you achieved at least one of your goals already ;o)

  • Lisa C

    Thanks for the info. I learned more about Twitter “adds” on here then I have a VARIOUS other places I have looked at.

  • ken

    I think you answered your own question. :-)

  • Katie K

    WOW, I agree, and it’s a great way to concentrate and focus on an idea or topic.
    Also, when I first heard of the plane in the Hudson, twitter is the first place I want for resources.