2014 – Technology Tipping Point?

Loved this exchange between Michael Dell and Marc Benioff from this DealBook article – Yahoo’s Mayer: 2014 ‘Tipping Point’ for Technology

Marc R. Benioff, chairman and chief executive of salesforce.com, said he expects businesses and their customers to connect in very different ways as devices, ranging from automobiles to electric toothbrushes, share data.

He noted that he recently received a phone call from Michael Dell, the founder of the computer maker Dell, to check on whether he was ill because Mr. Dell noticed that he hadn’t been working out for several days. The two executives share fitness data through a device they wear on their wrists.

For some this might be scary, but I find it great. As someone who tracks much of what I do physically and on social media. There are a lot of positives that come out of exchanges like this. Your friends can motivate you or they can check up on you to make sure that everything is ok. Sharing certain data with a close group of friends can be very valuable and keep you accountable.

What do you think?


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  • Craig Levine

    Great point! We have a patent that is geared towards ingesting multiple sensor points/data AND making this data SHAREABLE – how about the fire detector goes off and your phone rings and you are away….then it rings your friends! Shareable intelligence!

    • http://www.janiskrums.com jkrums

      That’s awesome, how are you collecting the data. sensors on each device? or another way? What’s the company?