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Opprtunity is an online tool that uses advanced logic to connect professionals based on shared needs.

Professionals login using LinkedIn and tell us what they offer, what they need, where they are located and how they like to communicate. We then use our own matching algorithm to alert people of mutual opportunities to do business AND provide them with the means to connect in real-time.

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Human helps you move 30 minutes or more, every day. It tracks your outdoor activities like walking, running and cycling automatically by running in the background of iOS. Human shows you how many minutes you’ve moved, and how many you still need to move. Build up a streak by moving 30 minutes every day of the week, or increase your average by reaching a Daily 60 or Daily 90.



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Rawporter helps media outlets large and small source raw video and photos. Whether you’re a local blogger or a national news network, our Rawporters can get you the affordable footage you need quickly. Our Rawporters are everyday people, ready to use their smartphones and our App to get you the video and photos you need. It’s like having an army of cameras on-location and on-demand.

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MemSQL is a next generation database that removes the most common bottleneck most applications hit today: disk. By offering a familiar relational interface to an in-memory data tier, MemSQL empowers developers with the technology web-scale companies use to cope with massive traffic and growth. MemSQL offers orders of magnitude improvements in write and read performance and greatly simplifies application development and maintenance.

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PlanGrid: The smart and simple way to manage your Blueprints on the iPad. Maintain one master set and publish to the team. Share and Sync markups from iPad to iPad. RFIs, punch lists and progress photos made easy.

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AppStack makes it dead simple for small businesses to engage their customers with a useful mobile app. We’ve built a set of beautiful, category specific themes and an amazingly simple CMS that enables businesses to build loyalty with their existing customers. By leveraging the information from the Social Graph, we can build out the boring part of app instantly. The small businesses can then focus on bringing back customers through deals, specials, rewards and events. When it comes to marketing, AppStack has a built in management dashboard for Google Mobile AdWords to provide customers with a simplified way to manage their campaigns.

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GameOn Nation: game on was founded by Steve Shenbaum in Los Angeles in 1997 to help junior and professional athletes, teams, and corporations improve communication and build and maintain positive public images. Since then, game on has become the undisputed leader in improving client’s communication, social confidence and, when necessary, media awareness. We have worked with the first overall picks in the NFL, NBA and NHL drafts including Sidney Crosby, Eli Manning, Greg Oden, Alex Smith, Erik Johnson and John Tavares. We have also worked with over thirty 1st round draft picks, numerous college and pro teams and corporations, and thousands of junior athletes at IMG Academies and around the world. Our goal is to help our clients find their true voice and achieve the right balance of honesty, humility and humor. To quote our first client Pete Sampras, “game on has finally helped me feel more comfortable being myself, and more importantly, I’m having more fun both on and off the court and that, to me, is what it’s all about.”

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The Grande Bay Resort is situated hillside overlooking Cruz Bay on St. John in the US. Virgin Islands. Set near Wharfside Village, this St. John resort overlooks the emerald and blue waters of Cruz Bay and St. Thomas to the east and the British Virgin Islands to the west.

The Grande Bay Resort  is the ideal Caribbean island destination and the breathtaking view from the privacy of each fully furnished Condominium style guest suite is what truly sets this resort apart.  We offer St. John resort style amenities in a beautiful condominium vacation rental setting.

We are a distinct departure from the Caneel Bay Resort or Westin Resort St. John and we are sure once you stay with us; we’ll be your new St. John Virgin Island retreat.

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Web: Advanced Infrastructure Technologies

Our rigidified arch tubes consist of several layers that are fused together with resin to form the final hardened arch tube. The primary layer is a braided carbon fiber fabric. Like woven materials, braided fibers are mechanically interlocked with one another. When functioning as a composite reinforcement, braid exhibits remarkable properties because it is highly efficient in distributing loads.

We combine the lightweight and flexible braided carbon fiber fabric with a protective bulk outer layer and additional proprietary layers, depending on structural requirements. The light, flexible compact assembly is then shipped to the construction site where the tubes are inflated, shaped to the required geometry and infused with resin.

After the resin sets, the hardened arches are placed in position on the bridge and filled with concrete.

The carbon fiber tubes provide several functions – they act as a form for the concrete, they act as reinforcement for the concrete and they protect the concrete from corrosion.

We facilitate a systematic approach to bridge construction that lowers the overall cost of bridge replacement by reducing construction time, the need for heavy equipment, transportation costs and labor costs. We are also half the carbon footprint of traditional bridge construction.

Neal Bridge Installation:

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The Carreno Dance Festival: Sarasota has long been known as the cultural capital of the Florida West Coast.  Now it has also become known as the “City of Festivals,” and to that designation is added another jewel in its crown – The Carreño Dance Festival, presented by the Sarasota International Dance Festival.

Led by the distinguished ballet luminary, Robert de Warren, the President and CEO of the newly formed organization, the Festival has been named for the prominent dancer of the American Ballet Theatre and ballet super-star, Jose Manuel Carreño, who has joined with de Warren in the venture.  They also welcome Shir Lee Wu, as Master Teacher and Summer Intensive Program Director.

The Carreño Dance Festival is modeled after the Perlman Winter Residency and the Sarasota Music Festival, offering young dancers similar opportunities to those provided to young musicians.  The Festival combines specialized training and performances by Jose Carreño and international guest artists. An important component is the possibility for Dance Enthusiasts to observe the  training sesssions and learn more about this extraordinary art.

The Festival is indeed a rare opportunity for young dancers to work closely with some of the most celebrated dance artists, directors and master teachers, as they learn performance technique directly on stage at the Sarasota Opera House and experience the professionalism of “feeling free from the mirror.”   All of the principal dancers who are guest artists will provide instruction based on their artistry, experience and work ethics designed to impart success in a dance career.

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